Wellness Clinic, Naperville TMS

                           Psychiatry and Counseling for you and those you love.

                       Located conveniently in Naperville Illinois near I-88.

               Confidential, tailored practice for those looking for a non corporate experience.

Suite 207

Barbara Benton MD

Cell (630) 886-5770

Fax (866) 415-1201


Suite 207

Julie Turner MSW, LCSW

Office (630) 871-0889 

Cell (630) 886-7339


Suite 204A

Alyssa Browder LCPC, CADC

Cell (630) 805-1635



Suite 204A

Michele Briones LCPC

Cell (630) 251-5103



Suite 204A

Lauren Prandato LCSW

Cell (815) 603-7669

Dr Benton is achieving a 71% significant improvement rate and a 30% remission rate from major depression.

Barbara Benton MD

Longest TMS Provider for the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

Founding member of International Society of TMS Providers